Sunday, February 08, 2009 ( 12:36 pm )

I LOST MY VOICEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such pure torture it is not being able to sing when the coolest song on the planet which happens to be your favourite is playing on the radio and all you can do is just sit down and listen to it, or mime.

I can't even taste good food and I certainly can't smell anything cz my nose is blocked.


Moving on.. so glad that Gerhana Ska Cinta will be performing at Sunburst, cz i love love love them! Hehe. But I dunno if it's worth goin though, I don't even know most of the artists AND there are a bunch of artists that I dont quite fancy(in my terms, it means more than dislike, hate or disgust) such as.. hrmm should I say? :p

But I kinda do wanna go though. Cz..
N.E.R.D is performing! So is Andra and the Backbone, Malique & D'essential and and and Estranged!(penguin clap)

I must be getting back to my BM research then. I'm so left behind with homework at school, I don't even know what it is, and even if I did, I don't think I do have the books with me(BUT I've done some which I can do, which means the ones yang I have the books with me at home. So, im not that teruk). So.. i'll just finish off folios today, and...
Oops! Tak reply sms Anas lagi! gotta run!

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