Child is Fragile
Sunday, February 22, 2009 ( 11:25 am )

You might not get why I am posting this.. but what the heck, man.

I headed over to Giant after tuition with Ibu. I had to get some stuff from Guardian and so I went in by myself. Ibu said take your time cz she wanted to take a nap. And so I went in, got my gear, went out and got back into the car.

Ibu: Where's my ice-cream?
Me : (in monologue)Ice-cream pulak dah.
Ibu: (hands over RM5) Ibu nak yang dalam cup tinggi tu.
Me : Yeah yeah alrite.

And so I got out, walked all the way to where they sell the ice-cream, bought one for Ibu and one for myself, payed the Aunty and walked back to the car. As I was walking towards the car, I spotted this man knocking on the window of his car(it was a grey Avanza), and he had already drawn a crowd. I decided to be nosy and purposely walked pass the grey Avanza to get a clear picture of what was goin on.

And so I made a quick hypothesis, "Since all the windscreens and headlights are turned on, his child is probably locked inside."

A few problem statements came in later and it started running in and out of my head.
"Macam mana boleh anak dia terkunci kt dalam tu?"
"Kalau anak dia dah penat and lapar, nanti dia nangis macam mana?"
"Macam mana bapak dia nak masuk?"

And then the inference walked in.
"Call the bini and ask her to send the spare key."
"Smash the window."

So what happened next?
The father managed to get in somehow.
I think he went with the window plan.

As always, Ibu and I did out busy body discussion(Ibu started it, since she is the Menteri of Sibuk Menyibuk. HAHA). Ibu said it happened to her once. Abali, my eldest brother was locked inside a proton saga. She learned a lot from that. It did happen to my sister too. I was the one locked inside. I was sleeping but she thought I died so she smashed the window. =/

It sure is scary being a mum, or a parent, or even a guardian or a sister.
Just imagine it happening to you.
What would you have done?

That incident reminded me of two of my little.. no not kids(LOL), but adik. I can imagine if I was the one responsible for them being locked inside a car. Bapak fer sure wouldn't stop banging words. And I'd be all kusut and serabut and tak tentu hala. Imagine if my kids were accidentally locked inside, and I had been so careless. My husband would have been furious! I'd probably hate myself.

...Am I thinking to far?

We can be really silly sometimes. I can be really silly sometimes. I've never meant to make such stupid mistakes though. And it's really hard to make things better. Plus things get even harder when some don't understand(especially if they're loaded with ego. sigh*). So where should us silly-mistake makers go?

I shall end this post with just an "Oh Gosh".

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