Monday, February 23, 2009 ( 4:59 pm )

As always, did my "lepas balik sekolah" routine.

1.Placed my school bag on the chair.
3.Hug a pillow for a few seconds
4.Check my phone for any messages or missed calls.

I had two unread messages;
one from hotlink:

RM0. Talk for low as 10sen/min [to Maxis/Hotlink nos.]!
Get 20min @ RM2!
Dial *128*2#! Valid 1230 am - 8 am on day of purchase.

(not THAT low though eyy? -_-')

and the other one from Abg Hakim:

Remeber the short film, Permata Bonda, that I made with Bapak? It's one of the ten finalists for the Astro Kirana Short Film Competition. My first film work nomination.
Yay :>

(Congrats dearest brother. Hope you'll win!)

It's good to see someone you love happy. It makes you feel the same way. Don't you think so? ;)

*Til we meet again. Adios

p/s: This is exactly what I'm into : SEVEN

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