The start of something new
Sunday, January 04, 2009 ( 11:12 am )

Yesterday was the last day of the first day of school.
I'm glad to see the faces that shine my days again, my friends of course. But see some faces that I reckon they don't like me much. I wonder why. Hrmm.. Anyways, I'm looking forward to this new school year(which sadly will be the last year of my secondary schooling days.sob) which will definitely be filled with exciting moments, laughter, and of course, HOMEWORK(sigh). I plan to do a heck lot of stuff this year which I have absolutely no idea about doing yet(thinking...).

I have decided that my new year's resolution will be working my ass off in every single insy bitsy tiny winy little thing I do, and.. hehehe; gain extra weight!

Til we meet again. Adios!

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