aku lah champion !
Sunday, September 21, 2008 ( 1:01 am )

So here's the aku lah champion story:

Buka puasa with Ainaa today at TGI Friday's. Other friends couldn't join us(sob), so it was just the both of us. We ordered the three course meal, which has an appetizer, the main course and dessert. And we chose to INDULGE(yeahhhhhhhh)! I had ice lemon tea and Ainaa had apple juice. When the food arrived, it wasn't time to buka yet, so we had a hard time facing the delicious vapour released from the freshly hot from the kitchen food. Atlast, one of the waiters came up to us and said we could eat already(my heart jumped with joy, and I'm sure Ainaa's did too). The quantity of the food wasn't that much, but still it made us full(and I mean full gilaaaaaa). Then dessert came ! Nice yummy looking piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream on top and decorated with whipped cream on the side with a strawberry (: We were still full so we gave our tummies a short break and decided to observe the waiters and other customers around us. All the waiters at TGIF had to put on a happy face(Oh and there was this one waiter who looked like SMID.joyjoyjoy). Since there was only one spoon left, we took turns eating the cake. What the hell sedap gila. Ainaa couldnt finish it up, so I finished it up.

So conclusion, aku lah champion ! :D
(currently playing "we are the champions" by Queen inside head)

*check out Ainaa's blog for mouth watery pictos.
Til we meet again

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