Friday, July 11, 2008 ( 7:29 pm )

I read the blog posted by my sister about my dad. It was really heart-warming(for me), it made me think about it and cry at school. I miss my dad, and my sister, and my brother and everyone. I miss a little bit of myself too. Since mum's always busy, why not make myself busy too? And so that is why Im starting to miss ME. Gotta do 'kek batik' over the weekends with Ainaa(we have to do 5, it's a class project thing and everyone in the whole school ordered-well, almost everyone. and most of my classmates are baking it over the weekend too so..yeahh). I'm most probably not going for the MAA 2008 since I've gotta go for Flag Day and also this chinese school(forgot its name)'s Interact Club Installation. I'm also saving money cz I need buy an Interact Club tee, this and that and more. Oh, and I also didn't use my allowance for four days(which is rm20), cz I needed rm20 for PFS Blast, so Aizat, you better get me my red carpet ready. LOLL ;P

Til we meet again.

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