Saturday, May 31, 2008 ( 1:59 pm )

Hello and I'm back ! I missed you very much blogger so here I am typing to tell you about my lovely holiday in Jakarta. Basically, the holiday was in Bandung. Damn, I love Bandung. Shopping is a must ! Lotsa hotties there too (teehee). :D The view of Tangkupan Perahu is magnificent ! Just like the Switz Alps. Awesome stuff there too. Plus, cheap :) Really miss it alot there, I had grreatt fun with my mum. I haven't seen her so happy in ages ! But I really hoped I could've met Marya (sigh). Hope there is a next time. What I've learnt that, we may never get what we want all the time. What we already have, may not be permanent. But while there is still time, I shall keep hoping. :)

p.s: Marya, we will meet someday. I love ya ! xx

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