As I Am
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 ( 5:51 pm )

It hurts to have masked friends. Its hard to gain real ones. It is definitely difficult to get true friends. Once they found a new one, the would most probrably forget you. Or perhaps they became friends with you, not because they wanted to, but because they had to. Or maybe you were loaded and you went to school with a BMW and wore designer clothes. Or it could be just someone to hang out with for a while. For the past few weeks, I've felt neglected by a few friends of mine. I have felt pushed aside and not remembered. It kinda hurts to feel this way. Maybe it's you, being too friendly with others, or maybe it's just me. But no matter, I have others and I know I have a place where I belong to. If you have ever felt that I have neglected you in whatever way, I am very sorry.

*this why I hate the social world and prefer to live in my own world with my own life.
conflicts suck. sigh

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