the 'to's
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ( 11:27 pm )

to like. to start with interest. to go and speak. to say hello. to talk and to chat. to build a friendship. to start to like. then to love. to feel an accidental feeling. to take friendship higher. to be ready to get hurt. to be hurt. and to hurt. to love and to like. to love one and to like another. to hurt two parties. to hurt ourself. to love. to smile. to laugh. to miss. and to be. wht if life determines us to face the 'to's even if we dont want to? what would happen if i choose to not 'to' at all? what if i 'to' differently? i drink my carrot juice and stare at my mum and her husband's wedding potrait. hoping for an answer. but probrably i ask to much, and i am suffering from missing alot i love. so ya-dah ya-dah. life goes on. boo hoo

p/s: i think carrot juice makes me drunk. or maybe im just too sleepy. ok i'll go sleep now and make sure my brain cells get their rest. theyve done alot of hard solid thinking today :]

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