nab's birthday party
Tuesday, March 11, 2008 ( 3:07 pm )

date : 10th march, 2008
venue : nab's crib
those that were there : the birthday girl, me, timah, fara, ena, ainaa, mira, another mira, yun, fira, aida, shaz. and.. thats all i think.

did a bbq party at nab's in conjunction with her sweet 16(which was actually on the 5th but it was a wednesday and it was on an examination day so had to do it on another day). shazana, aida and ainaa worked on the bbq, giving out all the energy they owned just for the barbeque. and suprisingly, they're good. so if you need anyone to help out with your bbq, I think you should let them handle it. uh-uh ;] We all helped out too, ESPECIALLY TIMAH AND ENA. they helped to test if the chicken was fully cooked. in the end, they ate it all. oh and i just found out that ena is globophobic(fear of balloons). damn. the cake : DEL-I-CIOUS. nice chocolate moist with peaches and strawberries on top. i couldnt stand that irresistible chocolate filling inside the cake, that just melts in your mouth(chocolate turns me on, yum). fara started a food fight with ena, and that food fight somehow got into a real fight with timah and nab, using all sorts of tools. the heat was up, even nab's mum pushed the bbq set away to give them space(she even gave timah a hint on how to turn them down). they fought like heroes. they are now officially my hero :D overall, IT WAS A BLAST. i love you nab ! happy sweet 16.<3

*check out the fight on video. LOL
scene 1
scene 2
scene 3
scene 4

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