the life and lies of a silly little girl
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 ( 10:12 pm )

she will be here, talking to a potrait of herself, a silly little girl
wishing she would become that of what she had became :
a happy little kid, jumping and running and chasing the ice cream man.
as ego and naivety takes over, she sheds only one tear, and holds the rest in her
and let the heart suffer.
she'd lie if she had to, to cover a lie, to cover the secrets of her life. so it probrably be a white lie instead. but who would notice? she's barely visible. even to those that matter the most.
what she does, barely turns out alright.
she waits for a call, every single night.
til that phone starts to ring
she continues to be
a silly little girl.

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